Monday, June 02, 2008

Bikes Everywhere!

Because I don't watch TV in the morning - I can't, I'll get distracted and be late for work - I missed the piece The Today Show did last Friday on biking to work.

Thanks to Bicycle Retailer & Industry News for catching it and pointing me to it today because one of our distributors is mentioned for their great bike to work program. They interviewed Benjamin Joannou, Jr (one of the owners). He was talking about their incentive program for employees. Check this out - if they bike or walk to work and back the company will give them $4.00 per round trip. That can add up in a month. If you commuted 4 days a week for 4 weeks that would be $64 in your pocket. Not bad!

So, J&B employees are saving gas money, actually making money and helping the environment, just by not using their car. That's pretty darn cool! BRAVO J&B! Bravo! We're proud to have you as a partner!

On a related note, check out this story on today about the increase in people using bikes in Boston. I'll bet it's similar in your city/town, too.

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