Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tour Day France

Although it's a race with "issues", there is always a little tingle of excitement when the Tour "Day" France starts. I just spied on my Facebook countdown that the start of Le Tour is only 29 Days away! Woa....where has time flown???

So, are you gonna watch this year? Me? I'm torn....I kind of have no time for the dramatics and, as I call them the "divorcing parents" (ASO, UCI), but listening to Bobke every night, watching the French countryside and fans is always fun. Levi...but...Bobke. Oy.

What are you going to do? Watch or not?


Kk said...


Kk said...

...and now there are only 22 days left and we just lost Boonie. How many more headliners will they manage to eliminate before the starting gun?