Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bicycling's Gear of the Day!

We love Bicycling Magazine. Always have. Turns out they kinda like us, too.

Loren Mooney has had a Kryptonite New York Lock protecting her bike in the city of the same name.

Check out her review of our flagship product as today's Gear of the Day!

Thanks, Loren!


Anonymous said...

I am considering purchasing same lock for my bike, but am unable to locate the Kryptonite's anti-theft protection policy on your website. An email to your customer service department generated the following response: "Please call our customer service line and one of the representatives can go through the details of the anti-theft with you.". I've always heard good things about Kryptonite and have owned a lock in the past; however, the lack of a written policy makes me wonder why... please post your policy. Thanks!

Donna T. said...

Hello Anon - thanks for considering a Kryptonite lock, and for being a customer in the past! We appreciate it.

Not sure what you want to know about our anti-theft protection offer. There is a full section of FAQs on it on our website here:

And, every lock that comes with the offer has full details inside. I'm sure that customer service just wanted you to call so they could talk to you specifically about the coverage etc. with the lock you want to choose. No worries, the policy is written, but we really like a personal approach! :) Give 'em a ring. They are all very nice to talk with and would be happy to help you in any way. If you are in the states, it's toll free 800-SAY-LOCK, if you are out of the states, email them back and tell them that you are looking for the anti-theft protection offer for the New York Lock and can they send you a PDF of it. They'll do that, too.

No secrets - sorry if you felt there were. I swear it's just 'cause they wanted to be personable about the whole thing. :)