Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jody on Super Bikes!

So, I'm watching Super Bikes! last night on Speed to catch up with Jason Britton and his team adventures at Sturgis and who do I see at the end of the show? Jody Perewitz! Yup, that's her. She was cruising along the roads of Sturgis when the camera caught her. And I wasn't seeing things because Don (one of our category managers) caught the show this morning and saw her, too!

If you want to catch the show - lots of stunts being done by Jason and his team as well as some of the Sturgis sites in and around the Top 50 Park - it's being re-run on Speed on Saturday. For some reason it's being shown as either the "Florida" show or the "Sport Bikes and Law Enforcement" show. I think it's the "Florida" one. Which is strange to me, but that's what popped up as the show I was watching last night and the one on this morning - but they are grouped together so check 'em both out. And, right at the end, you'll see Jody.

Congrats Jody. You are a star!

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