Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bob Roll & Kryptonite Visit West Broward Bicycle Center

At the bicycle industry trade show, Interbike, Kryptonite holds a dealer contest each year. Some years it's been a treasure hunt type of event, sometimes an event of olympic proportions, but the last few years it's simply been a business card drop and a lucky dealer has won "An Evening with Bob Roll".

Our last lucky winner was Kryptonite dealer Jose Pardo, owner of West Broward Bicycle Center. Bob recently visited his store and spent the evening chatting with customers about Le Tour, cycling in general and the future of the sport.

Our Eastern Regional Manager, Eric Anastasia, was with Bob and said it was a blast. Come to think of it Jose said it was great, too. And, Bob loved all the good questions. Sounds like I missed a fun time.....hmmm...I need to see about getting in on one of these nights soon...

Here are some more photos of the event. There is a strange effect to the photos that makes it look smoky or something in the wasn't...just the photo itself...


A full house!

Vintage Bob

I don't know....driving somewhere? Classic!

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