Wednesday, August 22, 2007


A few months ago now, Carlton Reid from BikeBiz and announced a video contest, I Want to Ride My Bicycle that anyone can enter over on YouTube.

It's a fun contest and there are some pretty cool prizes for the winner. According to Carlton, "The competition winners get Shimano schwag, including top-end components. The competition is also sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Co. of the US, maker of Fat Tire Amber Ale." Sweet!

Get in your entries!!! You have until next week. August 30, to be exact. That gives you one more weekend to film your video.

Now, I won't be doing a video....but for an extremely cool reason. I'm a judge. Little ole me. Seriously. And I'm not the only one (did you think Carlton would leave this all to me and my wacky ways?). My fellow judges humble me....Carlton will be there....and David Bernstein from The Fredcast and Spokesmen Podcast....and Tim Grahl from Crooked Cog Network....and my friend Tim "Masiguy" Jackson...AND...get this...Phil Liggett (yikes!)....AND (yes, there's more)....Bob Roll! HOW did I end up in this great company? I have no idea! I'm just happy to be included.

Now, it actually does get a little bit cooler. We aren't all going to be around the world watching videos and emailing in our favorites...oh, no....we'll all be together at the bicycle trade show, Interbike, next month (Sept. 26-28). Voting together. Me. Phil. Bob. Masiguy. David. Carlton. Tim. All together. I'm speechless....ok, seriously, y'all know me...when it comes time to voice my opinion I will not be speechless....but for now, I'm just happy to be included with this group.

So get in your videos! There are 126 so start thinking of your own Tour Day Neighborhood, film it and get it in.


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Pretty bitchin... ain't it?

Donna T. said...

I giggle like a fool every time I think about it....hanging out at Interbike with y'all doing this is going to be a blast.