Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thanks, Jeffery Deaver!

I've decided that the great novelist Jeffery Deaver must be a cyclist and must have Kryptonite lock.

Earlier this year I was reading his novel "The Blue Nowhere" and found a Kryptonite reference. Yesterday I was on my porch reading his latest Lincoln Rhyme novel, "The Broken Window" and, again, there's Kryptonite!

On page 104 it says, "I found her bike outside - she had a Kryptonite key in her pocket and it fit."

HA! He even chose the correct lock for the location. The novel takes place in New York City and a few pages later they mention, "...her bike was chained to a lamppost outside the loft."

How cool is that?

I'm only on page 133, but it's a classic Deaver novel so far and I'm very much enjoying it. I see more reading on the porch today in my future. Go pick it up today and enjoy!

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