Friday, August 29, 2008

Guitar Man

This weekend marks the beginning of a new unbreakable bond between Tim Clifford, our director of sales, and his new pride and joy Fender Stratocaster.... So that he doesn't lose any sleep over keeping it safe, I thought it would be a good idea for you to weigh in with your ideas about how to secure it, using any combination of Kryptonite locks, cables, chains you think appropriate. Come on, let's hear from you! The most creative idea will win a Kryptonite cable lock to lock up some precious of your own...Winner will be announced next Friday, September 5th.


Anonymous said...

A former Krypto-guy and long time guitar guy Eric Lightbody once internally promoted the idea of an "Ax Lock" whereby one would combine a 10mm looped end cable with an EV disc lock. The EV disc lock is the perfect size to fit around the neck of your guitar. When combined with the cable you can secure your "Ax" to a fixed object. Plus with all the colors available it's a good chance Tim could find something that not only secures his pride and joy but is color coordinated as well.

All the best,
C. Fallon

Tom-IV said...

I would go with the R4 or L2. The R4 can be used with or without another cable and will not harm the neck since the cable is vinyl coated, it also has the light for the ever fantastic club lighting where it is apt to be taken... but the L2 has the ever handy bottle opener, never a bad tool when jamming!