Monday, August 25, 2008

Roby's Ruminations on Life, Etc.

by Roby Holland, National Sales

Heavy title, I know, but really just some random thoughts, observations and comments about the last couple days.

R & B...Ridin' and Bondin'
Last Friday Kryptonite participated in a Bike to Work Day event in Boston, put on by the Mayor's office in an effort to get people to ride their bikes to work. The morning was awesome and made me think about how I wanted to get on my bike and go out for a morning ride after I was done with this event. The event was well attended by many teams and individuals who rode from different locations around the area. The organizers had coffee, bagels and fruit for the people who rode in and a radio station playing some good tunes for us to pass the time. I had a chance to speak with some people I had not seen in a while and catch up on what they were up to. I had a great time at this event and I look forward to the next time Kryptonite is asked to participate.

The Fishin' Blues
Last year was the first time I was able to take the Regional Managers out fishing after our annual sales meeting. This year I was only able to take one of the guys out because our other RM had a presentation to do in Canada. The morning was cool, much cooler then I had expected. I set out earlier to catch some bait for us to use. After a while of casting with little success, I tucked in my pride and went over to our local bait boat to purchase $20 worth of pogies. We would use these to catch The Monster Bass that I had promised Craig. After getting the fish into the bait well I made my way back to the dock to pick up Craig. We motored out to Gurnet Point, the area where I had several successful hook-ups with large linesiders. I gave Craig the lowdown on the fishing equipment. We each hooked a pogie and let them go. No luck...Well, after a few hours we decided to try several other locations with similar luck. Finally the tide began to turn and started to come back in. We headed out to a rip that I had luck with and knew would yield a fish, but not sure what. Once again I baited a hook for Craig, he cast and we let it swim out several yards. It didn’t take long for Blue Fish to get a hold of the bait. Craig had a fish finally. As he brought the fish along side, the Blue’s teeth cut through the leader and was gone. After several hook-ups and several bite offs, I decided that it was time to go across the bay and try our luck near Providence Town. I wanted Craig to get a hoagie, on a pogie and thought it was the place for that to happen. The trip took us twenty minutes to and it was just perfect. We threw our bait out and let the games begin. Wouldn’t you know it, not more then fifteen minutes later Craig had another fish onthe line, but it was a Blue Fish. Fortunately, I took the time to build some wire leaders in case these guys showed up again. We were able to get this one into the boat and released with minimal damage. Over the course of the next few hours we had several looks but no takers and ended up leaving with no Stripers. I had a blast and really enjoyed the time just hanging out with Craig, not doing much but fishing. I hope to get him on the boat again next year with better results.

What Time Is It?
Uniforms, foliage, double sessions and drop off are a few of the words we are beginning to hear in daily conversations. Summer is almost over and I have not ridden as much as I was planning.. It just seems that life is moving faster then I want or like. It was only a few weeks ago I was laying out my plans to go on a ride every morning I was home this summer. We’ll that did not work out so well. So, I have laid out my plan for the remainder of the summer and into the fall. If I learned anything this summer, it was that time does not slow down, it only speeds up. How was your summer?

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