Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Your Favorite Bobke-isms?

Ok, it's a rest day at Le Tour....all of you cycling fans are wondering what to do with your mornings and/or evenings or both! Right?

Well, I know you are catching up on some sleep and that's ok. You want to be ready for the next stage tomorrow. Seriously, how great was Hautacam yesterday?

Since I'm at work when the Tour Day France is going on during the day, I try to stay away from results and friend's emails and Facebook messages until I can watch the coverage at night. With that coverage comes our friend Bob Roll's commentary.

Bob's great and he comes out with some funny/interesting sayings. My favorite so far? Last night while describing a rider heading up the Col du Tourmalet..."He's as cool as the other side of the pillow." Classic!

What's your favorite Bobke-ism from this Tour Day France so far??


Bill said...

Maybe not a Bobke-ism but a quote that has stuck with me to describe a painful climb. Long long time ago in the Adirondack while climbing up Whiteface Mountain Toll Road Bob said, "Be afraid, be very afraid".

Kk said...

So that explains it, Donna. You know I would never put spoilers in the FB messages! Here's my latest Bobke fave:

"The riders in the race today must’ve once been marauding Huns and their penance is to come back as pedaling poor boys - and I don’t mean sandwiches."

Donna T. said...

Bill - good one.
KK - yes, didn't want to read your FB message until after the stage. Sorry for the delay!
GREAT quote!! Watch tonight for me and get another one. The hotel in NJ doesn't have Versus!!!! ARRRRGGGG...I'll just listen to The Spokesmen's new episode to get my cycling fix.
Can I hear another Allez, Thor?? :)

BTW folks - Bobke should be calling in this week with another blog post from France. Keep checking back.

Kk said...

Woukdn't want this field to lie fallow...

"Cavendish was deep in the drops mauling it like a psychopath!"