Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Perewitz Bike Night Tonight

So, this is an email I got from Jody...

Just a reminder tonight is Perewitz Bike Night from 6-9pm. We will be having Steve Leahy doing airbrush tattoos, Dante on the grill with burgers, dogs, and stuffed quahogs, DJ Lou playing some tunes, the Kris Holmes Ride will be selling tickets to their event, the Debut of the Perewitz "Ghetto Taxi", Roof Raffles, cool bikes, burnouts and much more.

I wish I wasn't in New Jersey, because I so want to know what the Ghetto Taxi is!

This is the first Perewitz Bike Night I've missed in 3 years :( BUT, Tim will be there with Jody, Dave, Susan, Kory and the gang. It's a GREAT night for a ride. Go on and see them all.

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J. Perewitz said...

We wish you were going to be here too!! Hopefully it's a good one. I will report tomorrow