Friday, July 18, 2008

A Win for Tyler and Rock Racing!!!

It's been no secret to anyone who knows me or reads this blog that I'm a fan of Tyler Hamilton. Now I know a lot of you have other opinions of Tyler, but as his friend seeing him win again brings a big ole smile to my face!

Yes, Tyler won the stage of the Tour of Qinghai Lake today! Tour de France it's not, but with the way the Tour is going, I'm glad he's where he is.

And any of you who are going to poo-poo this win because of him "being a doper", look at it this way...he did his time out of racing (just like Mr. Loud, David Millar), he has a license to race and he's being tested. He won this race fair and square and I'm THRILLED!

And now he's in the Yellow Jersey!

Congratulations, Tyler!!!!!!!

You are a ROCK STAR!

7/19 - Update: According to Rock Racing's Twitter feed today, Tyler finished in the main field today. He retains the yellow jersey. More from Rock Racing's Twitter feed:
"Only Sunday's circuit race stands between Hamilton scoring his first overall victory in a stage race since the Tour de Romandie in 2004"

OH YEA.....


matt said...

I was just wondering where Tyler was these days, I'd completely forgotten about Rock Racing, good result.

Kk said...

Yay! What's not to like about Tyler? That's a great win! (and what a kit!)
People are allowed to redeem themselves.

Donna T. said...

Matt and KK - glad to see some others are as excited about Tyler's win! I still have a big ole grin on my face!! Wooo-hoooo!