Thursday, December 04, 2008

Business Slow Down? Not If The Perewitzs Can Help It!

By Jody Perewitz...
Our crew has settled at the shop for the month of December. After many miles of traveling it is nice to have a month off!

With all the talk about the economy and such I thought I would share a couple of Perewitz theories. I am sure that everyone no matter what has been hit by the economy in some way or another. Hopefully it hasn’t been anything major! Maybe with any luck a new president will bring change!

I feel as though the motorcycle industry is one of the last hit. We haven’t been extremely busy but still busy enough that everyone has something to do. So that is the important thing that we can keep working. We are also able to adapt to new things. We have been dipping into the metric market. Fortunately our mechanics can work on a plethora of things, making our business able to change with times. One of our latest projects was a Vespa Scooter!

In the summer time when the gas prices were $4+ a gallon, motorcycle sales skyrocketed! It was much more efficient to ride a motorcycle to work than your gas guzzling car. So as you can imagine we were busy with service work. Now gas is down to under $2 (we never thought that would happen!) it is the perfect time to bring your bike to us and drive your car in the cold winter months! We can winterize it, store it, upgrade it, add chrome, etc.

Another effect of a slower economy is the repairs of older stuff. Many people are fixing their old vehicles, motorcycle or car, rather than buying new ones. Although we would love to work on clean new bikes, we like the old ones too! Our customers seem to be adding chrome, paint, motor work, etc. to their bike. Some minor adjustments can make a bike look like something totally different.

We are hoping, like most Americans, that this draught won’t last much longer. America needs some aid and I really hope that Barack Obama is what we need…

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Chris F said...

Thank you for the positive words. Sometimes it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a cycle so what goes up must come down. Just a matter of how far down and for how long it goes on this time. It is obvious that this is affecting virtually every segment of the economy.
Perhaps the one shining part of this is the eggheads have realized we have been in a recession for about a year now. Duh! I think many of us could have saved them a lot of fancy ciphering.
Kidding aside, the economy will eventually get back on track. It is just a matter of when and how well it will recover. In the future we will all have to look at economics and how that affects our business from a different perspective.