Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Google's Birthday Fun

Remember where you were in 2001? Were you as prolific on the web as you are now? I'd have to guess not. But, if you need a reminder of the online world back in 2001, Google is giving you that chance.

For Google's 10th birthday, they are having some fun. They are showing us what searches looked like waaaaaay back then. It's kind of fun.

Search for things you know and use now online and see what happens. Facebook is a brief mention at Harvard. Twitter isn't mentioned at all in a social networking context. Microblogging doesn't exist! The search for "blog" provides some interesting results.

Yes, I Googled myself back in 2001. My "former life" of being involved with running pops up, but there are a lot of links that don't go anywhere - most of the content has been moved or removed.

Go on, Google yourself now and then.

As for Kryptonite, we fair pretty well. We're the number one spot without one mention of anything from the fall of 2004, obviously, because none of that happened yet!

Go on, take a look. You know you want to. Google yourself. Google your favorite company. Google your favorite sites today. Your favorite social media guru - where where they in '01?

Thanks for the look back, Google! And Happy Birthday!

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