Thursday, October 23, 2008

2009 Tour de France

So, I guess the 2009 Tour de France route was announced. How do I know? Lance Armstrong is now on Twitter! I'm not kidding. You can follow along with his training, social engagements and even restaurant choices through his tweets.

Here's what he says about the Tour Day France 2009:

Now looking at the TdF route for 2009. Sure would like to erase those Ventoux dreams/nightmares...

Ah, know you love it.

UPDATE (10/23): USAToday article with Lance makes it seem like he's surprised about "threats" along the roads from crazed fans during stages. He's rethinking this ride there a little bit. How is this different than when he raced before? Stages, particularly in the mountains, have always had passionate fans in the roads yelling in riders ears. I've always found it a little un-nerving, but it's not like this is new. Wonder if Lance is finding training slightly harder than he thought and he's trying to set expectations for his comeback now. Check it out, it's a good read.

Also, if you are in Austin this weekend, it's Ride for the Roses time. Enjoy!

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