Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lessons Learned Updated

I shared my sad news about my house break-in a couple weeks ago. Now, I'll share an update about lessons learned...another lesson that I should have learned; my husband loves to bring home surprises. After the break-in he decided a nice big dog would be part of the home security updates. Actually, she is still a little dog. We have named her Bella, a tip of the hat to the German Shepherd we had years ago named Shayna. Both names mean Beautiful. Bella is now 9 weeks old and weighed 13.4 pounds as of last weekend. The receptionist at the Vet’s laughed at my daughter and said, “You probably won’t be carrying her next time you come”.

So, my house being broken into will end up costing us more money than what was taken, but our getting Bella will pay us back a thousand times over. R.

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Donna T. said...

She's a beauty, Roberta. Can't wait to meet Bella soon!