Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Harley’s 105th Birthday

by Jody Perewitz, Team Kryptonite

I had the liberty of attending Harley Davidson’s 105th Anniversary last month in Milwaukee. It was beautiful weekend weather wise. They could not have gotten better days. People and bikes were everywhere you went around Milwaukee.

I did a seminar with Sara Liberte at House of Harley on Friday. The crowd they had was awesome. I couldn’t believe for a Friday how busy they were. It was like a mini Sturgis. I figured with a slow economy and with numbers down at Sturgis it wouldn’t be that busy but I was proven wrong!

On Saturday and Sunday I was at Hal’s Harley-Davidson for Gina Wood’s All Women Bike Build. Sara and I joined Laura Klock and the crew from Gina Wood’s Open Road Radio to build a bike live on stage. Sara, Laura and I worked Saturday and Sunday on the rigid custom in front of a great crowd. People were asking questions, watching us, and listening to the funny antics of all of us on the microphone.

Gina, Dozer and Ideal Dave broadcasted live from Hal’s on Sunday. It was fun to listen to the chit chat with people. After the radio show the motorcycle roared to life. The motorcycle will be raffled with the proceeds the go to breast cancer.

After Sara and I were done at Hal’s we went on a drive by the factories with our great tour guides, Cindy from Biker Incite, her husband Mike and nephew Jake. We drove to one of the Harley factories in Franklin. I have to say it wasn’t what I expected but the next factory was!

We went to the Harley factory in Milwaukee. It was very cool, an old brick building with cool signs and architecture. Next we went to the HD museum. It was wicked cool! We didn’t get to go inside which I would have loved to do, because it was about 11pm but just seeing the outside and the cool sculpture by Jeff Decker was interesting. Milwaukee has a lot to offer beside Harley if you ever get a chance to go.

Overall it was a great trip to Ol’ Milwaukee, I am glad that I had the opportunity to go.

So Happy Birthday Harley-Davidson, HOG, and Hal’s!

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