Friday, November 07, 2008

Look Good, Stay Safe While Riding

I've seen too many cyclists and runners almost become hood ornaments lately because they have earbuds in and aren't paying attention to the sounds of traffic around them. At least they don't have to ill-combine with someone's bumper because they didn't see the car coming up behind them with these cool new Nike Hindsight glasses, spotted in Trend Hunter. The glasses are designed with a lense that gives the wearer 250 degree view versus the standard 180 degree view that most glasses give. And, you don't even have to turn your head...think about it - no need to give away the fact that you're staring at that good-looking person you just went past! Wear them and ride safely!


J. Perewitz said...

Cool shades!

Kk said...

Wow! Thanks for that!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Way cool! I wonder how well they would work on a motorcycle without a windshield.